INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS Learn about treatment and symptoms and causes - My name is Chloé L'Amour (a.k.a ). I was officially diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis or IC in 2014. Yet, I was misdiagnosed in 2008 by the first urologist, claiming I had to "re-potty train myself." Altogether, I have lived a traumatized life incorporating IC that dated up to 9 years! And this is before I knew about the Gerson Therapy (a cure for pre-cancer and cancer symptoms). I am an advocate for all women on planet earth who simply suffer with an IC lifestyle or bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS).

Lastly, I was dealing with multiple conditions -- “Fibromyalgia = tender points + fatigue (insomnia), diffuse musculoskeletan pain … myalgia and myositis.”  Unfortunately, Interstitial Cystitis can cause severe bladder pain.  However, when you combine IC with Fibromyalgia, both combinations can take a big toll on your life. Any one of these conditions is hard to live with, especially when depression and anxiety are added on top.

As a college student, all my symptoms slowly developed in 2005 and gradually became worse during graduate school. Therefore, 2014 marked the year of my official diagnosis. I went from one neurologist to the next, taking me years to fully understand why I was in severe daily pain, as if I got hit by a truck or seriously beat up all over my body.

This website is based on my personal healing journey which I am sharing for educational and information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, counseling for any diseases or health condition, diagnosis or treatment. My story is from 2005 - 2015. The Gerson Therapy was applied in my home during spring 2014 - summer 2015 with amazing results, helping my IC and Fibromyalgia with less severe symptoms and being able to control frequent urination better. Today I live a more normal and healthy lifestyle and can function in society / work environment, intimate relationships and sex. NOTE: Sex was never an issue with me when being romantically entangled. However, healing my IC to make symptoms less severe greatly reduced the pains over the years, summer 2015 and forward. With the help of family and friends, I am thankful to be alive.

"urinate urgently or frequently, bladder pain"

Time and time again, I’d step foot into a grocery store and wonder: How come produce (fruits & vegetables) look perfect or too much alike? Why is organic food so expensive? Only the rich can afford that lifestyle. Might as well remain poor and continue to eat all this processed stuff even though I’m clueless."

Overall, The Gerson Therapy is "a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements for pre-cancer and cancer patients." Yes, there is a cure for cancer. It's not most appreciated in the United States by your typical medical industry; however, there are clinics in foreign countries. And this includes the Gerson Therapy (Gerson Institute) that can be accomplished from your home environment or take part in the Mexico clinic. Interested? Then go here

As my story goes ... back in 2010 I recall seeing the movie, FOOD MATTERS. “Food Matters examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health” (IMDb). It made me think. Yet, I was too busy to even do my own research at the time to investigate certain concepts of the film in order to better educate myself on eating healthier to not be ill or free from degenerative diseases. However, in time, my brain cells began to forget what I had watched about our nations food system. It took years down the road for me to finally wake up about MSG, GMOs, chemical waste in our environment, toxins and the cruelty of the meat industry.

Or ... I thought I was living healthy, shopping at Mexican and Asian markets including cheap grocery stores all throughout California and immediately thought I was saving money. But in reality, I was only killing myself slowly.

There was a time I was living in the San Francisco bay area ... I happen to be inside a shopping mall. Right as I made my way to the parking lot, I saw a huge sign at a Chinese restaurant labeled:

It crossed my mind, but then I thought, “What’s MSG? Why is it being advertised? What does it look like in food? What does it taste like? Heck if I know. Do I even care??? Do I need to be aware??? What are the side effects???????????”
Questions would arise, but I still continued to eat at fast food establishments. There were times I quit eating meat after watching snuff films before FOOD MATTERS even hit the theaters. Knowing how cows were slaughtered in an assembly line made me stop. But then my brain forgot the memory of the horror and torture these poor animals go through just to supply the meat market via evil corporations - - and I began to eat meat again.
It wasn’t until I got sick in my mid 20s. I was complaining of headaches all the time with stomach aches. Or I was extremely tired to do anything that could be accomplished, making me stuck in bed. It took more than 110% to make things happen. It felt like my whole world was crashing in college with the crisscross of being diagnosed with several mental disorders.
It took years of research to figure out what, why, how and when I had even been plagued with such diseases. Was it genetic or environmental? Food never crossed my mind. I always tried to figure out if I could excel in nutrition, but hearing about diets on the market seemed unthinkable. And looking for a dietician seemed scarce - - that even a physician never referred me to one, so I let it slip.
Still, as I grew into my 30s I got even more ill. Even if I exercised, I thought I was eating healthy. And trying to fulfill my college degrees were becoming a challenge with work and play. Many friends or acquaintances acknowledged my mood swings and would critique my habits. If I had only known that certain foods would have played a key role in changing such behaviors, it would have saved my life on a healthier diet long ago.

And I am thankful that the internet and YouTube as well as publications even exist in order to heal myself naturally. Altogether, I got sick of western medicine and hearing doctors give me the same advice over and over. Just treating certain symptoms and not finding the underlining cause is what drove me to find natural cures. It got to the point that I was supposed to die in 2013 due to health complications.

And strange enough, the year 2014 ripped my eyes open to a whole new dimension. FOOD.

that moment will affect what you do, how to find a solution and when -- which can be scary.

Overall, I’ve experienced surgery and conventional medications knowing they have done nothing for me to heal. They have only made the problem worsen and manifest with more complications in my lifestyle.

Trying to heal is a bitch when it comes to western doctors who give you the same advice like a broken record. Now that I know there is hope with natural healing, I encourage anyone who desires to be free from degenerative diseases to expand one’s knowledge with an open mind.

Do research and listen to others. It’s the only way you will learn.

See for yourself.

It will make a huge impact on your decision to heal naturally.

“Find out what works, what doesn’t and what’s killing you. Becoming informed about the choices you have for you and your family’s health could save your life” (Food Matters Distribution).

For those of you who have encountered this website for the first time and are wondering what I did to start the initial process to heal myself naturally, please click on the link, “Detox & Juicing.”  You can scroll down to the topic, “Gerson Therapy Results: What the diet did for me 2014 - 2015.”

Read this entire website, watch videos, do research and switch your diet to non-gmo, organic.

If that’s not convincing enough, then watch HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. This film “exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don't want you to know about; deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what's keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever” (Hungry For Change).


Chloé L'Amour

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